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  • Login system
  • Login system
  • Search system
  • Server statistics
  • Faction applications
  • Unban requests
  • Clans display
  • Complaints system(with categories)
  • Ticket system(by priority)
  • Leader panel(including sanctions)
  • Admin panel(manage structures)
  • Ban/Mute/Jail/Warn functions
  • Admin/Helper/Leader applications
  • Dynamic faction questionnaire
  • Notification system
  • Server map for tracking
  • Dynamic player TAG
  • SQL/XSS protected
  • Pagination
  • Update topic system
  • Static player TAG
  • Faction history on profile
  • Banlist
  • Remember me
  • Password recovery
  • Dark/Light Themes
  • Latest reviews

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    General information

    You don't have experience in web domain? No worries, we can configurate and install your control panel on your website domain for free. All you have to do is to express inform us after the purchase that you need our help.

    Every control panel has a file named README.TXT in which you will find important information regarding the usage and how to do basic setup on your database.

    When it comes to tehnical issues regarding configuration either installation, our support is for free!

    Any additional systems are paid and can be requested in a ticket where shortly we'll discuss all the details.

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