wCode - F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I have to pay monthly for game panel?

    No, you dont have to pay monthly! It is only one-time payment and nothing more.

  2. Does the costs include domain and webhost?

    We are not providing anything more than product itself. Having a place to upload the product is your duty.

  3. What are the methods of payment?

    We have a few options when it comes to payment which can be seen in footer of the page but also we can enumerate them: PaysafeCard and Visa/MasterCard which are going through TipeeeStream platform and there's also the possibility of payment through PayPal. Good to point out is that we do not accept SMS type payments.

  4. I paid via TipeeeStream and i cannot see my credit!

    Before contacting us, make sure you had a check through following steps:
    After making the payment through TipeeeStream, please click on Refresh button which is in row with your payment order created.
    Be sure you opened payment order with same Your Username, Your email adress and Value. If you are not sure, simply delete or create a new one and refresh it.
    Sometimes process of updating the database from TipeeeStream might take few minutes. Be patient and if the situation is not getting better just contact us!

  5. Some time ago I bought some product... can i have it back?

    We don't have any hidden interest than making our customers happy, but in this case unfortunetly there's nothing that we can help with... Why? because our back-up space is rather limited and we cannot mentain backup for each customer, so better keep it safe somewhere in a dark corner of your cloud! :)

  6. I can withdraw my credit?

    Unfortunetly this type of action is not available at all as is not available the possibility of returning the money after a purchase.